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It might be tempting to submit any of our model custom papers as your own, but it is not the policy of Amexwrite, Inc for our customers to use our work in this way. To benefit from any of our model answers you should use it a basis for further research and build on the knowledge therein to create on 100 percent authentic work.

We are ardent about education, and we want you to gain the most from your college or university education. It will be a disservice to you if we condone plagiarism of original model answers as it may prevent you obtaining the knowledge necessary for the module’s examinations.

What is the Right Way to Use A Model Answer?

Our model answer service offers students an illustration on how to tackle a particular question. It might not be the only approach to the particular question, and indeed you can form a completely different view of our researcher, but the model answer provides you a strong starting point for you to conduct your research and write own work. The right way of using our model answers step-by-step is as it follows:

  • Read through the whole model answer for you to completely understand the way your research responded to the question.
  • Re-read every paragraph or section within our model answer and write down notes.
  • Try developing your ideas and arguments from these notes
  • The subsequent step is to locate and review the sources used by the researcher with the model answer.
  • Use the sources to assist you in furthering your research by locating more appropriate materials.
  • Read through all information you gather and make further notes on the contents you want to include in your work.
  • Use the model answer created by our researcher as a guide to produce your work. For example, you can learn from the structure, range, and quality of the sources used as well as the level of critical analysis applied within the model work.
  • Ensure that your final work is 100% original, formulated from your ideas and perspective.
  • It takes more effort than just submitting our model answer as your work, but it also means that you will learn the topic more thoroughly and prepare better for your examinations.

Can I Submit A Model Answer to My University?

No- It is plagiarism to hand in the work of researcher because you will be passing somebody's work as your own. Even when you make some minor alterations to work by the researcher, it is still plagiarism as the work you should submit to your university must be your own in entirely. Amexwrite, Inc provides custom research of greater benefit if you use it according to this Fair Use Policy. You will improve your grades, learn the correct way to write a great piece of academic work and feel a greater sense of satisfaction for doing a good job.

For any further questions about the Fir Use Policy or terms and conditions, please contact our friendly Customer Support representatives through Live Chat, phone number or email on our website.

Sat Mar 17 09:59:37 +0000 2018

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